Science Week is an annual event in Södertälje. It is a forum for the possibilities and challenges that comes with the transformation to a more sustainable society. During the event we highlight inspirational initiatives, get insight from our partners, and create possibilities for new partnerships and networks.

The event is organized by Södertälje Science Park in partnership with KTH, Scania, AstraZeneca, the Municipality of Södertälje, Region Stockholm and around 40 co-organizers. It consists of about 60 free seminars and workshops within the fields of sustainable development, sustainable production, and sustainable urban growth.

The purpose of Science Week is to create engagement and increase knowledge about sustainability. During the event we will showcase a broad selection of activities, partnerships, and real-world initiatives – both current and future examples. The broad range of organizers – coming from the business world, academia, and the public sector – will talk about everything from advanced technology to sustainability in everyday life. We will get insights and inspiration from researchers, entrepreneurs, artists, and public figures. The event is based in Södertälje, but the examples and solutions are applicable everywhere.

We want to show how co-creation and partnerships with local, regional, and nationwide actors can contribute to a brighter tomorrow.

Science Week is open for everyone

Around 60 seminars will take place on location in Södertälje and digitally on scienceweek.se and di.se. The seminars are open, available, and free for everyone, no matter who or where you are. All digital seminars will be available on scienceweek.se after the event.

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