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Scania aims to be a leader in the shift for sustainable transport

Tor 2 feb
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Av: Scania
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Electrification is one of the cornerstones of the work and is of great importance both for Södertälje and the global climate transition.

We invest in research and are building a battery factory to be able to further adjust our vehicles and optimize our offering to our customers. Listen to a panel discussion with Scania’s experts from Research and Development, Production, Sales & Marketing to get insights on what Scania has accomplished so far and what we need to focus on the coming years to reach the climate goals.


Tony Persson

Head of Battery Production, Scania

Fredrik Allard

Senior Vice President Head of E-mobility, Scania

Fernanda Marzano

Technology leader for electrification, Scania

Andrea Wetterberg

Director e-Mobility Services, Scania

Emilia Käck

Public Affairs Manager Electrification, Scania


  • Tid: Tor 2 feb • 14.45–15.15
  • Format: Digitalt + På plats
  • Lokal: Black Box
  • Programtyp: Publiksittning
  • Arrangör: Scania
  • Språk: Engelska
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Medarrangörer 2023