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Beyond lean - enablers for sustainable and resilience

Tor 2 feb
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Parallel developments in the way production environments are managed seem to bring new perspectives. We are witnessing increasing complexity in roles taken by production firms and requirements to more sustainable and proactive management systems.

Digital transformation and need-collaborative work environments can be viewed as potential enablers to effectively manage diverse resources in production. The idea of lean production is taking corporate focus in which networks of companies try to follow structured and consistent approaches. On the other hand global manufacturing value chains are facing uncertainties and disruptions that negatively affect not only economic but also social and environmental sustainability ambitions.

Amid these changing circumstances, what are important considerations and perspectives to upshift management approaches such as lean for a more sustainable and resilient production systems?


Seyoum Eshetu Birkie

Associate Professor, KTH

John Larsson

Industrial Doctoral student, KTH

Sara Linderson

Industrial Doctoral student, KTH


  • Tid: Tor 2 feb • 16.15–17.00
  • Format: På plats
  • Lokal: C 1
  • Programtyp: Föreläsning
  • Arrangör: KTH
  • Språk: Engelska
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